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Pastor Conrad Jarrell

(Sermon Series by Pastor Conrad Jarrell --- Free Download)

The Ever-War

The history of mankind is a history of war. That war has been fought “forever” — from the Garden of Eden to the end of time. It has been one vast, continuous struggle between good and evil — between light and darkness. The Ever-War is a war between two great protagonists — the God of light and the one who loves darkness.

The scope of this conflict is worldwide. (If you look at politics from this perspective things going on in this world make more sense.)

In the Garden of Eden Lucifer (Satan) declared war. In Isaiah 14:14 he is quoted as saying “I will be like the most High.” Eve was the first casualty (Genesis 4:13-15) — the war was on.

We believe this study is of immense value. With Conrad Jarrell’s permission we are providing this study at no charge — for non-commercial purposes only. It may be reproduced with-out any changes as long as full credit is given. [© 2012 by Conrad Owen Jarrell II] 

We greatly appreciate your support

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Lesson 1: Introduction – The first battle began when Eve’s teeth popped the skin of the Forbidden Fruit. The last battle ends when Satan is cast into the Lake of Fire.

Lesson 2: In the Beginning – The two protagonists.

Lesson 3: The Creation – when the Morning Stars sang together – God created ALL the “stuff” and ALL the life.

Lesson 4: Angels helped shape and finish the “stuff” – acoustics and energy creation.

Lesson 5: The Angels – Archangel – Cherubim – Seraphim

Lesson 6: The lower orders of angels – Thrones, Dominions, Powers Legal and Powers Inherent (this is the lowest order of angel. When they materialize, they look just like men).

Lesson 7: Angelic Natures and the problem of Evil.

Lesson 8: Free will and freed will.

Lesson 9: Fallen Angels and free will.

Lesson 10: Satan’s technology incorporates levitation, locomotion, and sensory devices.

Lesson 11: How much development time would Satan’s technology require?

Lesson 12: Why did God do it this way? – The solution to the problem of evil. – The three falls of Satan.

Lesson 13: What Angels knew and didn’t know in the beginning.

Lesson 14: Why God is not a deceiver.

Lesson 15: The first Angelic war is fought, and lost by Satan.

Lesson 16: Plan B ... but Adam and Eve DID sin – God’s children now Propagated, Redeemed, Gathered Up, Glorified.

Lesson 17: Open demonic imperialism. – Satan and the fallen Angles subjugated primitive humanity, proclaiming themselves gods.

Lesson 18: The elements of demonic rule defined and described.

Lesson 19: Satan’s second fall – Cast into the earth (70 AD).

Lesson 20: The second war in heaven.

Lesson 21: How Satan rules tlhe fallen world, since 70 AD until the End.

Lesson 22: The Great Men – Nephilim pattern/modified.

Lesson 23: Observe how the elements of demonic rule intertwine with the 7 kinds of people to guarentee dominion over the human race.

Lesson 24: The time between the second war in Heaven and the third war, Armageddon, will be characterized by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. – The White Horse Rider is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Lesson 25: The DNA of glorification and Damnation.

Lesson 26: Satan’s genetic engineering program in practice.

Lesson 27: Satan’s genetic engineering program in Endtimes.

Lesson 28: Bioengineering the Antichrist?

Lesson 29: Transhuman – where his [Satan’s] transcendence comes from.

Lesson 30: What is, what ain’t, what will be. The deception of the whole world.

Lesson 31:Seven proof of the existence of God – Proof from FIRST MOVER – Proof from First Efficient Cause (Cause of all effects).

Lesson 32: Proof from NECESSARY BEING – Proof from Degrees of Perfection – the proof from Godel’s imcompleteness theorems (The Numerator).

Lesson 33: The proof from fulfilled prophecy. – True philosophy and true revelation.

Lesson 34: What is true philosophy?

Lesson 35: The closing section of “What Is” — the difference between reality and truth.

Lesson 36: True revelation and true and true philosophy. The study of nature reveals the Creator who made it.

Lesson 37: True revelation and true and true philosophy continued.

Lesson 38: True philosophy — What is matter? How is “matter” made?

Lesson 39: True revelation that cannot be discovered in nature — the King James Bible.

Lesson 40: What is the present reality?

Lesson 41: What “Ain’t” — the Big Lie that Satan wants the world to believe and most people do believe it.

Lesson 42: “Lie” continued. The lie is designed to destroy the Truth. Satan began his end-time attack with the Renaissance. “Neo-cognition” the thinking system of a one world empire.

Lesson 43: Cognitive dissonance. Hidden paganism.

Lesson 44: Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677). His philosophy of religion — His philosophy of determinism.

Lesson 45: The founders of modern philosopy. Rene Descartes, the father of modern philosophy.

Lesson 46: The philosophy and teachings of David Hume, Scottish philospher.

Lesson 47: Hume, continued — His religious belief.

Lesson 48: Hume, conclusion — He was virtually the fetus of Neocognition (my word for “new think”). Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) — His Metaphysics and Epistemology.

Lesson 49: Constitutional America planted, (1607-1776). This runs parallel with the Enlightenment Period.

Lesson 50: (1.) A short review of the Ever War lesson series. (2.) The formation of the U.S. Constitution continued.

Lesson 51: The end of the enlightenment period - System of revised education: 1800 to 1835 — Basic elements of neocognition.

Lesson 52: Atheistic, evolutionistic modernism - 1800 to present.

Lesson 53: Neocognition produces evolution - 1850 to 1885.

Lesson 54: Wrap-up of Darwinism - the mathematic failure of Darwinism.

Lesson 55: An interim in the Ever War Series. After the 2012 election — What do we do Now? The principle of a market economy sketched out in the Ten Commandments.

Lesson 56: After the 2012 election and voting ourselves into socialism - parts 2 and 3.

Lesson 57: Constitutional America destroyed - 1777-1865.

Lesson 58: The serpent trail of the Imperium ("The Lie") ... this is the final sermon of this section.

Lesson 59: The way of the serpent upon the rock (of faith). A struggle in the last days to lie to and overcome the believers. Baruch Spinoza - the father of modern atheism and revolution.

Lesson 60: The trail of the serpent - Hagel's philosophical contribution.

Lesson 61: The trail of the serpent - the revolutionary propaganda — the present university system of education.

Lesson 62: The serpent of neo-cognition winds toward World Socialism (1850 - 1915)

Addendum One: November, 2012 ...
"To Day while it is called To Day" - Our prospects after the re-election of Barack Obama.

Addendum Two: Review of Last Days - Valley of Decision 2013

Addendum Three: How the System Works - Part A (2013)

Addendum Four: How the System Works - Part B (2013)

Lesson 63: (new addition 5-08-2014)

Lesson 64: (new addition 5-08-2014)

Lesson 65: The Seventy Weeks Prophecy

Lesson 66: The Olivet Prophecy

Lesson 67: The Olivet Prophecy (continued)


Pastor Jarrell is working on a final, concluding group of sermons... to wrap up the series.

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