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E-113 The Best of Des Griffin vol. I - $10.00 New Item
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Des Griffin - This book is a selection of 17 Midnight Messenger and Des Griffin Newsletter articles. These range in time from the late 1980s to the present. The topics cover globalism, economics, and insights into the background of who really rules the world. This is an excellent companion to the author’s first two books Fourth Reich of the Rich and Descent into Slavery?

It is our plan to use this book as a vehicle to reach into the e-book market and hopefully introduce Des Griffin’s writings to a wider group of readers.

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E-101 Fourth Reich of the Rich - $16.00

Des Griffin takes over where other writers of the International Conspiracy leave off, bringing his readers behind the scenes in international politics and into the diabolical world of the Illuminati, the most secret of the secret societies.

In this fast moving, easy-to-read book, he author traces the history of the conspiracy down through the centuries and presents irrefutable documentation that will both shock and amaze you.

From the pages of Fourth Reich pour facts that open up new vistas of understanding and make world affairs leap into life and become truly meaningful. No wonder this book is winning acclaim world wide:

"Fourth Reich is superb and should be used as a textbook in schools around the world," writes Count Sixtus von Plettenberg, economist, Germany. "Des Griffin's book is a triumph of knowledge of his subject, clarity of thought and expression and condensation of style," Dr. Ian Anderson, Rhodesia News and World Report.

"In American scholarship, one figure towers above all others: Des Griffin. I quickly became fascinated not only by Mr. Griffin's results but by the method of research by which he reached these results...

"I subjected Mr. Griffin's method of research and published results to the most meticulous academic scrutiny, testing their validity from every conceivable angle: his assumptions, deductions, and conclusions. Here, I concluded, is a man with a precise, well-honed narrative and a broad perspective, a man with deep insight into military and governmental strategy, who can gather and assess evidence, discriminating unerringly between what is valid and what has been manufactured to manipulate the patriot or electorate; a man full of compassion for his subject--humanity--caught ... between the ever-recurring patterns of history and what has been carefully plotted for the future. It is for these reasons that I recommend Mr. Griffin's work" --- Professor Robert O'Driscoll, University of Toronto, 13 September 1992.

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E-102 Descent Into Slavery? - $16.00

In a book that has been described as "devastating," "magnificent" and "superbly documented" by readers on three continents, Des Griffin zeros in on the International Bankers and presents, in carefully documented detail, the story of their involvement in the Illuminati plot to create a totalitarian One-World government.

No punches are pulled by the author as he presents startling documentation and brings his readers face-to-face with the raw realities of power politics. Here, at last, is the full, true story of the power-crazed Internationalists and the methods they employ in steering all nations towards total social and financial ruin in preparation for their ultimate absorption into the planned worldwide dictatorship. The inside story of World War II is truly eye-opening!

Des Griffin lays bare the hideous tragedy that lies ahead for the United States unless our people shake off the shackles of the conspirators and return to individual responsibility and fiscal sanity.

This is one book you can't afford to miss!

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(Audio Cassette) Pastor Pete Peters interviews Des Griffin, author of the book Martin Luther King: The Man Behind the Myth, about the life and times of the late civil rights leader Recorded live on the "Scriptures For America" radio program on January 19, 1998.

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E-124 Martin Luther King: the Man Behind The Myth - $8.00

The late Dr. Martin Luther King has been very much in the news recently. In 1983, Congress decreed that a National Holiday be established in honor of the late civil rights leader.

Nationwide, hundreds of cities have renamed streets, parks, schools, convention centers and freeways in honor of King. Hundreds more plan to do so. In death, Martin Luther King is much more popular than when he was alive!

From coast-to-coast, voices are raised in protest over this national glorification of King. They are asking serious questions that cry out for answers.

In political circles, and in the media, these voices are roundly condemned as being racist, bigoted, and narrow-minded, if not altogether Neanderthal. Any criticism of King is said to be part of a smear campaign, and thus beneath contempt.

What type of individual was the late Martin Luther King? Was he a saint, or a man of questionable character? Was he dedicated to improving the lot of black people, or was he marching to the beat of a different drum?

What motivated him? What was his educational background? Who was behind him? Who financed him?

What was King's personal philosophy? Was his personal life exemplary, befitting a preacher of the gospel? Or did King have what J. Edgar Hoover described as "the morals of a tom cat"?

Was King assassinated in cold blood by James Earl Ray, now serving a 99 year sentence for that heinous crime? Or is Ray the unwitting victim of a much deeper plot that reaches into the highest echelons of the federal government?

These are a few of the questions asked -- and answered -- by Des Griffin in his book, Martin Luther King: The Man Behind The Myth. This fascinating book is packed with carefully documented details about King's life and death. Des Griffin lays bare the facts in an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand style that will hold you from start to finish.

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E-103 Anti-Semitism and the Babylonian Connection - $8.00

ANTI-SEMITISM. That word strikes terror into the hearts and minds of many. Most will go to practically any lengths to avoid being smeared as "anti-Semitic."

Who is a Semite? Are all Jews Semites? What IS anti-Semitism? Is Judaism the God-centered religion of the Old Testament? What is Pharisaism? How important is the Babylonian Talmud to modern Jews? How did the Talmud come into being? What does it teach regarding Jews -- and non-Jews?

Are those who ask ANY valid questions regarding the Jews and Judaism, wicked, nasty and evil -- and worthy of being ostracized, socially?

Des Griffin believes that all these questions -- and more -- must be addressed honestly and freely in an open forum.

Delving into Biblical and secular history, and a wide variety of Jewish sources stretching back more than 2,300 years, Des Griffin has come up with a truly enthralling book -- one that is exciting, explosive, and revealing! This book will CHALLENGE you. It will make you think about, and ponder many factors you may previously have been unaware of.

ANTI-SEMITISM: And The Babylonian Connection is a book for TODAY. It addressess the issues of today head on. It is packed with thoroughly documented facts, with insights and understanding that will give you a totally new perspective on the world in which we live.

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E-104 Storming the Gates of Hell - $14.00

In his latest book, the author of such blockbusters as Fourth Reich of the Rich and Descent Into Slavery? goes further than ever in exposing the diabolical forces behind today's Chaotic world scene. He also provides his readers with the wonderfully exhilarating answers to those conditions.

Storming the Gates of Hell is the culmination of more than 42 years of in-depth research. From its pages pour insights, commentary, and truths combined and put together with vivid clarity and depth of understanding.

Are you wondering how the jumbled and apparently unintelligible maze of world history could possibly make any sense and logic as we near the beginning of another millennium? As you read this book, all the pieces of the fascinating global jigsaw puzzle will fall into place in a thrilling manner; it will hold you in its grip from start to finish.

Are you turned off by religion? Are you sick and tired of the phony baloney that passes for Christianity on TV and radio -- and in your neighborhood church? If so, you need to read this book.

Condensed and focused, Storming the Gates of Hell is an easy-to-read, easy-to-under- stand book that puts history -- politics, religion, secret societies, and Christianity -- in proper perspective. There is real hope for the future following the Big Showdown between good and evil.


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E-109 Biblical Insights Into 'GOD'S CHOSEN PEOPLE' $7.00

By Des Griffin — Who are God's Chosen People? The Jews? Born again Christians? Or some other group? This is an important question about which there is tremendous controversy. Who can authoritatively establish the true identity of God's Chosen people? Is the definitive answer found in your Bible?Des Griffin, well-known author of five other blockbuster books (see back page), was challenged a few years ago to resolve this vital issue. 

Starting off with more questions than answers, he examined the matter from every conceivable angle. His finely-honed conclusions, anchored immovably in the pages of God's Word, are so clearly defined in scripture that many readers will "kick themselves" for not having previously understood the Creator's clear revelation on the matter.

 As the reader is led systematically from Genesis to Revelation, previously overlooked scriptures will leap into life. Statements made by Jesus, Paul, Peter, and others will practically "jump off the page" as previously unrecognized truths come to light. The reader's mind will be flooded with the answers to former spiritual dilemmas. Previous misunderstandings and misconceptions will evaporate and vanish under the piercing light of God's Word.

   God's Chosen People is a powerful Bible study guide.


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