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Introduction to the Special Alert Newsletter
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Des Griffin, Special message from Des Griffin and Midnight MessengerDear Friend:

Des Griffin now offers a monthly  “Special Alert” newsletter.

This will be complimentary upon request. Just e-mail us and say you want to receive Des Griffin's newsletter. At the moment this is being sent via regular mail. Please include your postal address. We hope in the future to offer e-mail service.

Des Griffin will be commenting on current events and offering personal perspectives on modern life and Biblical Christian living.

Your input is welcome and valuable.

The following comments are a sample of what we plan to offer:

What Is Most Valuable?

What is the rarest and most valuable commodity (“thing of use or advantage to mankind” – Oxford Universal Dictionary)  in the United States today? If asked, the population of 300 million would probably come up with hundreds of different or varying answers, depending on their individual “value systems.” Having traveled “around the block” frequently for more than seventy years, I have come to my own immovable conclusion. The answer is, TRUTH.

Henrey FordSome ninety years ago, the famous automobile pioneer Henry Ford (“the man who put America on wheels”) made a very insightful observation: “The truth frequently seems unreasonable; the truth frequently is depressing; the truth sometimes seems to be evil. But it has the eternal advantage, it is the truth, and what is built thereon neither brings nor yields to confusion.” I used that quote in my first book, Fourth Reich of the Rich, more than 30 years ago.

In the early 1970s I was impressed by the insights possessed by Ford. I took the quote to heart and tried to apply it in every phase and facet of my life. As a result, much soul-searching was called for. Many major issues had to be addressed. Many definitions challenged and clarified.  Numerous basic assumptions, accumulated in abundance from youth and mentally imbedded as if by a branding-iron, had to be recognized as mere unproven “opinions” or “assumptions.” These had to be brought out into the light and examined in detail. Much of what was formerly assumed to be rock-solid “truth” was found to be based on sand. As a result, the more light was applied, the more evident it became that any further “construction work” on that very questionable foundation would lead to a never-ending series of disasters. Not “the way to go.”

Since then experience, observation, and much further research have only served to hammer home still further the absolute truth of what Henry Ford said. Truth is the most valuable “thing of use or advantage to mankind.” Ultimately, “it has the eternal advantage, it is the truth, and what is built thereon neither brings nor yields to confusion.”

Today’s depraved society doesn’t believe in absolute “truth.” Everything is supposedly “relative.” Your “truth” is as good as my “truth.” It has been rightly said that society as a whole is only absolutely sure of only one thing: that there are no absolutes.” We might laugh at that statement, but it is the unfortunate truth. To paraphrase what wise old king Solomon wrote thousands of years ago, There is a way that seems right to a man but it ends up in big trouble. That’s what we are “enjoying” in America today: Big Trouble!

Shadow Government

Unrecognized by all but a few, and “under the radar,” a secret form of government control has been slipped into the American system with the deftness of  a magician’s three card trick. For more than seventy years, the values that served to make America a great country have been under non-stop attack. They have been ridiculed as being “archaic” and “too restrictive.” They have been held responsible for retarding the mental growth and development of those so restrained. Public acceptance of this deadly lie has being growing fast in recent decades. It has been spewing out of the mouths of – and been reinforced by the personal actions of – politicians, “educators,” sociologists, psychiatrists, psychiatrists, and – most regrettably – pastors. These treacherous blind leaders of the blind have, in effect, put our collective brains in a blender and turned the machine on at full speed. In a psychological sense, enemy agents have been “hacking” into our mental computers, brainwashing us, and reprogramming our brains in order to make us completely compliant with their every imperious demand. What has emerged as a result is an unpalatable “goo” that has clogged up our mental processes and destroyed our once-healthy political and religion  immune systems. This  has made us vulnerable to all types of bizarre mental, political and spiritual diseases. As a nation we have in this manner been largely rendered unable to resist psychological viruses that have been attacking us from every point of the compass. Figuratively speaking, we are “sick from the soles of our feet even unto our head, there is no soundness in our nation; but wounds and bruises and putrefying sores; they have not been closed, neither bound up, neither mollified with ointment” (Isaiah 1:6).

Of late, there have been encouraging signs in some areas. According to a New York Times poll, 80% of the American people are not “buying” the official story of what happened on 9/11/01. They believe that some elements in the government were somehow involved and that there has been a coverup. In an attempt to rebut challenges to the official story, leading newspapers and magazines have run sneering articles or editorials on what are called “wild conspiracy theories about 9/11.” Without addressing the real issues and without answering any of the real questions, these have invariably resorted to little more than childish name-calling and character assassination. Not exactly methods used by sincere seekers after truth.

What is obviously needed is a full, open and unbiased examination of all the relevant information by a public panel, not one carefully appointed  by the White House. It is of monumental importance that we get to the bottom of this whole hideous mess. And let the chips fall where they may! Personally, I believe the Bush administration will pull out every trick and employ every devious device imaginable to prevent what – at least as far as they are concerned – would probably prove to be an unprecedented disaster. Why the coverup, if there is nothing to hide, and if all the facts are in accord with the “official” story.  It has been rightly said that, “Truth asks but one boon, that it not be condemned unheard. The search for truth is man’s noblest endeavor; its publication a duty.”  I believe that the words of our Lord Jesus Christ (John 3:19-21) apply here. Only those with ulterior motives cover up the truth.

The on-going sex scandal shaking Washington D.C. (The District of Corruption) is only the slightest tip of an incalculable iceberg. Moral depravity  is rampant in both the Republican and Democratic parties. It goes much, much deeper than what appears on the surface. It manifests itself at every level of political activity, and for decades has been undermining and subverting our once great Republic. For me, the realization of this sordid fact led to the writing of Descent Into Slavery? in 1980. Over the last 26 years  that assessment of political reality has been verified a thousand time over. Moral depravity (combined with conspiracy and treachery)  is an everyday fact of life in Washington. Our nation’s capital is infested with bought-and-paid-for political prostitutes who have sold out their nation for temporary gain – their fleeting 15 minutes of fame as our “leaders.”

Some might sincerely (but very naively) point to the alleged “fact “ that free elections are held nationwide every two years. False!  As Georgetown University Professor Carroll Quigley pointed out forty years ago (Tragedy and Hope, pgs.1247-1248), the globalists control both main parties. Voters can throw out one bunch of rascals in any election only to replace them with another bunch of rascals “without  leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy. The policies that are vital and necessary (for the fulfillment of the devious plans of the globalists) are no longer subjects of significant disagreement, but are disputable only in details of procedure, priority, or method.”  Virtually every time, the politician most favored by the insiders wins. For example, George W. Bush’s runs for president in 2000 and 2004. Bush was most favored because, under the false flags of “patriotism” and “national security,” the nefarious agenda of the Insiders could be pushed through much more quickly than under the Democrats. Had such nefarious legislation as “Homeland Security” and that in the hideously misnamed “Patriot Act” been proposed by the Democrats, there would have been “hell” to pay. With Bush in the Oval Office, so-called Republicans and the “Christian Right” embraced both pieces of freedom-destroying legislation with great enthusiasm. It appears almost certain that Bush was helped into the White House by pre-programmed election vote-counting machines and other election irregularities.

“Fixed” vote-counting machines are now par-for-the-course in Big Brother Bush’s America. The Washington Post (9/17/06) reported that in recent state elections in the East a variety of computer glitches caused major problems. Results couldn’t be verified. This reminds me of Andy Stephenson (a close personal friend of a friend of mine in the mid-west) who was largely responsible for exposing the widespread use of rigged computers in the presidential election of 2004. A few  weeks after the election, Andy was invited to Washington, DC, allegedly to testify before a committee about what he had uncovered. Just as he leaving the nation’s capital for home, he became violently ill and died shortly thereafter from a very fast-spreading disease. “Coincidence”? Possibly, but it’s unlikely. My friend believes that Andy was “taken out” by the powers-that-be to close down his investigation. Nice world, huh?

[There are, of course, some men and women on Capitol Hill who are decent and honest and who are striving to do what is best for their country. Unfortunately, they are very few and far between, and greatly outnumbered. Their individual efforts are akin to those of weak, badly handicapped fish attempting vainly to swim upstream against an tsunami-like tidal wave of national destruction.]
The ongoing plan of the Globalists calls for the  creation of as much chaos and confusion as possible so that, down the line, “they” – as saviors – can restore “order out of chaos” through a new form of feudalism (See Quigley, p.324).

4th Reich of the Rich, Des GriffinAs individuals, we all need stability. True stability can only come as a result of building on a rock-solid foundation of truth. Such a concept is unheard of in today’s America. Most people are staggering around blindly without compass or purpose. They are unprepared for and basically unable to cope with a world that is being “reinvented” every few weeks. They have no stability. They are heavily into various forms of “escapism.” That is exactly the condition in which our enemies want us to be. For further information on their “master plan,” read the chapter by that title in my book Fourth Reich of the Rich, pages 206-235. I first read this staggering document in 1970. Initially, I thought it must be a forgery, written maybe in the 1940s or 1950s. I had the presence of mind to check the history of the document with the British Library in London. In their response, I was told they had a copy of the master plan dated August 10, 1906. The Satanically-inspired plan almost exactly parallels what has happened politically, economically, socially, and religiously over the last hundred year. The end result is, of course, planned to be world dictatorship.

We have been under relentless attack for the last hundred years. The tragic casualties of that war against truth and righteousness are stacked up like cordwood from sea to shining sea. We are surrounded by evidence of the long-term working out of this demonic program. There are, however,  people around the nation who have eyes to see and ears to hear. We must continue in our attempt to reach them. Every issue of Midnight Messenger is aimed at accomplishing this task. It is our mission to “keep on keeping on” sowing the seeds of knowledge and understanding. It may appear at times to be a thankless task, but we must bear in mind that truth is the only antidote to poison. Remember Pilate’s question prior to Christ crucifixion: “What is Truth?” The best definition of “truth” is, I believe, given by Dr. Stuart Crane in one of his seminars: “Truth is an accurate representation of the subject under consideration, (1) As it relates to all other things; (2) As it always has been in the past; (3) As it universally holds in the present; and, (4) Shall hold without exception in the future. Error is not the opposite of truth. Error in anything except truth. If there are any exceptions, it is error.”

In the perilous days that lie ahead, I believe a knowledge and understanding of that definition will serve us well. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, we must seek the truth, that only, that always, that to the very end. What we discover certainly won’t be “acceptable” to the vast majority of people, but as Henry Ford said, it will have the eternal advantage, it will be the truth, and what is built thereon neither brings nor yields to confusion.”


The principles involved in our pursuit of truth apply to every facet of our lives and to every subject we may be led to pursue: religion, politics, economics, etc. It is particularly important to acknowledge and remember that God’s written word is truth (“THY word is TRUTH”John 17:17), and that Jesus Christ, alone,  is “the Truth, the Way, and the Life” (John 14:6). “If they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them” (Isaiah 8:20).

The ultimate battle is not ours. It is God’s! If the Eternal God is in what we are doing,  the truth will not return to us void of impact, but will accomplish that which is pleasing to Him (Isaiah 55:11).

We look forward to hearing from you!

Best Wishes:
Des Griffin, editor.

Wake Up People!

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