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DVD Videos by Dr. Kent Hovind

Dr. Kent Hovind - Creation Science Videos - Books

Creation Science Videos

By Dr. Kent E. Hovind — What difference does it make whether you believe in creation or evolution? Did the theory of evolution play any part in starting World Wars I & II? How does it relate to Communism, Socialism, Naziism, abortion, liberalism, and the New Age movement? How and why did the theory of evolution become popular so quickly in the 1800s? Did Darwin really start this crazy theory that controls our schools today? How is Satan using the philosophy of evolution to bring in his New World Order? In this series of videos, Dr. Hovind answers all those questions and many more.

   A former high school science teacher, Dr. Hovind has a wonderful rapport with his audience. His humorous, fact-filled seminars are exciting and easy to understand for all ages. — Available on either video cassette or DVD — please specify which

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DVD-51 THE AGE OF THE EARTH   (Part 1. Two hours) $18.00

   The Bible teaches that God created the universe in six literal days about 6000 years ago. Can this be true? Can it be scientifically proven that the earth is not billions of years old?    This tape shows that evolution is actually a religion, not science. It also gives scientific evidence against the big bang theory, that the Bible is scientifically accurate, and that the earth is young.

DVD-52 THE GARDEN OF EDEN (Part 2. One hour)  $18.00

   The Bible teaches that people before the Flood lived over 900 years. How is this possible? What was the Garden of Eden like? Were there ever cave men? Why do we find fossils that are huge compared to plants and animals today? Did dinosaurs live with Adam and Eve?

DVD-53 DINOSAURS AND THE BIBLE  (Part 3. Two hours)   $18.00

   Discover when dinosaurs lived, how Noah fit dinosaurs in the Ark, and how they died. See where dinosaurs are reported in the Bible, in history, and even learn about the few that are alive today.

   Watch this tape and see eyewitness interviews with people who claim they have seen them.

DVD-54 EVOLUTION: LIES IN THE TEXTBOOKS   (Part 4. Two and a half hours) $18.00

   See how evolutionists have permeated public school textbooks with false and fraudulent information simply to promote their religious worldview. Learn what you can do to stop this mass indoctrination.

   Every public school student, teacher, and school board member needs to watch this tape.


   Dictators throughout history have used the evolution philosophy to rationalize their brutal actions. See how revolutionary propaganda is being used today to prepare people for the "New World Order."

DVD-56 THE HOVIND THEORY  (Part 6. Two hours)   $18.00

   Throughout the earth, geologists and paleontologists find physical anomalies that they cannot explain with evolutionary theory. The Hovind Theory is a fascinating explanation of the Ice Age, as well as the formation of the Grand Canyon, coal and mountain ranges.

DVD-57 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS   (Part 7. Two hours)    $18.00

   How does carbon dating work? Are there contradictions in the Bible? Where did the races come from? What about starlight? Learn the answers to these and many other questions not covered in any of the other Seminar tapes.

DVD-50 THE SET OF ALL SEVEN SEMINAR  DVDs : ($126 Value)  $99.00

This special offer includes all seven Creation Science Videos and the Seminar Notebook.

DVD-479 BEGINNINGS    $35.00

Eric Hovind — It's time to start your journey through Beginnings, the curriculum that will educate, entertain, and prepare you for the most pressing topic of our day — creation versus evolution! Join Eric Hovind for six fascinating sessions:

            Session 1: They're Both Religions — Session 2: How Old Is It? Session 3: It Was Good  — Session 4: Dinosaurs With Man

Session 5: Fact vs. Faith — Session 6: The Truth

            Beginnings is a creation experience for small groups, churches, and individuals from all walks of life. Creation Speaker, Eric Hovind, explores the age-old questions of life, the evidence for a young earth, and how dinosaurs fit in with the Bible. The included guide provides an introduction to each lesson, creative challenges, great discussion questions, and practical ways to apply each lesson to everyday life!

            What is the meaning of life? Where did we come from? Why are we here? Answers are found in the Beginnings.

            Curriculum includes: Six sessions on 1 DVD, 1 Leader's Guide.

DVD-480 GODONOMICS   $20.00

            Chad Hovind — Godonomics is a fun, fact-filled journey into God’s wisdom on money. Delivered in an engaging style that the whole family will understand.

            You’ll discover time-tested truth on instilling a strong work ethic, building savings, developing guidelines for spending, and experi­encing the joys of both prosperity and generosity.

            This six part (approx 30 min. each on 2 DVDs) series shows how the Bible speaks clearly to the power of the free market, dangers of inflation, and positive potential for impacting others with money. It explains the difficult subjects in easy-to-understand language while answering practical questions like: Is God a capitalist or socialist? What is deficit spending? What is “sound” money? Is there such a thing as “obscene” profits. Godonomics offers God’s perspective for the economic decisions of an individual, a family, or even a nation.

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