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Additional Lessons Added 5-08-2014

Stop and Think

   by Des Griffin, Editor

ARE YOU frazzled and "burned out" by the pressures of modern life and apparent futility of it all?

ARE YOU stressed out "bewitched, bothered, and bewildered" by events that are fast overtaking you and the world in which you live?

ARE YOU deeply concerned about what the future may hold for you and your loved ones?

ARE YOU sick and tired of the phony baloney with which you are constantly bombarded from every point of compass: by the political parties, and media, and the myriad "experts" who compete for your attention in today's society?

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Des and Karen Griffin welcome you to Emissary Publications, home of the Midnight Messenger

Des and Karen Griffin

ARE YOU tired of having prefabricated, prepackaged information pumped into your mind by these "authoritative" sources, only to realize later that the truly important issues of life are never really addressed - and satisfying answers are never forthcoming?

ARE YOU weary of being lied to, misled, conned - and led down the garden path to still more anguish and frustration?

DO YOU have serious questions that cry out for answers?

MOST OF US have questions - many small, some BIG - about the many "incredible" and "unbelievable" things that are happening not only in our own land (and lives) but also in the world around us. Why are these things happening? Are these events accidental, or are they part of a plan about which most people are unaware?

DO YOU WANT ANSWERS to the many questions that have been "bugging" you in the recent past? Are you interested in uncovering answers not available through regular channels?

IF SO, you need to subscribe to the Midnight Messenger Newspaper , and embark on a study program with books and videos from Emissary Publications.

We believe that if the United States of America are to be saved and the Republic restored, the necessary changes must come - in fact, can only come - through individual regeneration. The hearts and minds of individuals must be changed and restored before their families, communities, states, and - finally - the nation itself can be restored

Thanks from Des Griffin and Emissary Publications We look forward to hearing from You. Des Griffin welcomes you to Emissary Publications


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